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UDs strengthens friendship with University of Karlsruhe


University cooperation Dschang, SIC / UDS -17/11/16. Since the academic year 2014, there is a scientific cooperation between the University of Dschang and the University of Karlsruhe in Federal Germany. This cooperation is funded by the German Academic Exchange Office (DAAD). So far, there has been talk of submitting annual projects to grant violins between the interfaces of the two universities. For the first year, Prof. Esaie Djomo, a teacher in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA), did some personal research with one of his doctoral students. Since mid-October of this year, the Prof. Albert Gouaffo, Head of LEA Department and three of the best students of this Department stay until the middle of December at the partner institute for a joint teaching on the theme “Colonialism / Postcolonialism: Images of Africa in literature and media “. In this context, a workshop was organized on November 16 to consider another phase of this cooperation which, in case the project would be validated by the DAAD, would go from January 2017 to December 2020. A second and last major phase, in case of positive evaluation, is envisaged for the period from 2021 to 2024. At this workshop which engaged the project partners, Professor Andreas Böhn, holder of the chair of literature and media studies, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and his collaborators on the one hand, Professor Gouaffo, head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​(LEA) on the other hand, it was not only a question of reflecting and agreeing on the objectives of the project in the long term (six years to come) but also in the short term (three years). This workshop, which will continue on 30 November, shows that the long-term goal is to strengthen the LEA Department’s media skills in the representation and reading of cultural phenomena. This will be done through the teaching provided by teachers and research students from the University of Karlsruhe, but also by the supervision of master’s and PhD students in pairs, as well as the organization of joint scientific symposia to ensure sustainability. of the project. At the end of the next six years, the project’s success indicators should include a reasonable number of masters and doctoral / PhD degrees in media studies. In addition, the UDs should benefit from the setting up of a library of excellence on the problematic of the project which is “The media dimension of intercultural Germanicism. R / A

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